Two-Car Crash Kills One Man Near Glendive

An 80-year-old man died in a tragic two-car crash Sunday afternoon near Glendive, according to Montana Highway Patrol.

The fatal crash occurred around 5 p.m. along the off-ramp of Interstate 94 and Highway 200 near Glendive, Montana.

The man killed in the two-car crash was driving a 2006 Chevrolet Silverado. The Chevrolet driver, of Circle, Montana, was traveling westbound on Highway 200 just before the collision occurred.

Out of nowhere, a Peterbilt tractor trailer veered partially into the intersection.

The driver of the Peterbilt tractor trailer, 32, of North Dakota, and his passenger, came to a stop at the westbound off-ramp of Interstate 94 before turning onto Highway 200, according to police. The truck driver, about to make a left-hand turn to head east, was immediately struck by the Chevrolet halfway through the turn.

The two vehicles were left only partially in the intersection of Interstate 94 and Highway 200.

The Chevrolet driver had succumbed to his injuries at the scene of the accident. He did not have his seatbelt on.

The occupants of the Peterbilt, the driver and a 20-year-old passenger, did not suffer any injuries from the two-car crash. Both drivers were wearing seatbelts.

The names of the drivers have not yet been released. The crash is still being investigated by Montana Highway Patrol.

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