Top 3 Halloween Safety Tips in Montana

Halloween is the favorite time of year for many people all throughout Montana. The cool air of autumn, the explosion of color as the tree leaves change, and, of course, all of the inventive Halloween costumes. Halloween is one of the only nights of the year anyone can dress up in a costume and be an entirely new person.

Unfortunately, Halloween can also be one of the most dangerous holidays. With so many people on the streets either trick-or-treating or attending Halloween parties, it’s easy for accidents to take place. By following the few simple safety tips below, though, you can greatly reduce the chances of you or someone you love being injured while enjoying the Halloween festivities.

Halloween Safety Tip #1: Walk Like a Zombiehalloween safety tips montana

Before leaving the house to go trick-or-treating, you should give your children a crash course in pedestrian safety. Go over basic traffic rules, like using crosswalks, looking both ways before crossing the street, and how to wait for the ‘Walk’ signal at traffic lights. You should also press upon them to practice due diligence when they are anywhere near a street or roadway. Halloween is certainly a holiday that brings out drunk drivers.

Halloween Safety Tip #2: Leave Invisibility to the Ghosts

One of the best ways to ensure you and your children remain safe while out on the streets is to pick bright costumes that can be seen from a distance. If your child stubbornly insists on being a vampire with a pitch black cape then sneak a few reflectors or reflective strips on the back of their costume. This will help passing motorists see your vampire child in their headlights. Another neat trick to keep your costumed monsters visible is to arm each of them with glow sticks or Halloween-themed flashlights.

Halloween Safety Tip #3: Knock at Your Own Peril!

No matter what neighborhood you live in you should only trick-or-treat at houses you are familiar with. If a house is dark or the front light is turned off, then you might be better off skipping it. The unspoken code concerning Halloween is that if a house is dark or without decorations then they might not be prepared to host trick-or-treaters. Not everyone is keen on Halloween festivities.

Following these Halloween 3 tips is the best way to keep you and yours safe this Halloween. For more information about how to be safe this holiday check out these local resources in Missoula, Billings, Helena or Bozeman. Remember to always be safe out there, Montana.

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