The Most Dangerous Roads in Texas

With close to 700,000 miles of highway pavement stretching across the Lone Star state, it’s no wonder that driving in Texas can be treacherous at times. Locals can attest to the dangers of traveling upon one of the state’s major interstate systems. It is a common sight to see motorists standing next to their wrecked vehicles on the side of the road after a car accident. Below are the top 5 most dangerous roads in the state of Texas.

#5: Interstate 35 – The North/South Corridor of Doomdangerous roads texas

Anyone who has driven south from Dallas to Austin, San Antonio, and beyond knows how dangerous of a road Interstate 35 can often be. While I-35 is certainly the easiest and quickest route to some of Texas’ largest and most populous cities, the 407-mile expanse of asphalt and concrete is also a renowned deathtrap for several dozen people each year.

The reason Interstate 35 is such a dangerous road is due to the sheer amount of commercial goods transported into and out of Mexico. I-35 is the de facto route for thousands of semi-trucks using Texas as a launchpad for the rest of the continental United States. Considering how difficult semi-trucks are to maneuver around, it’s no wonder why I-35 sees so many accidents each and every year.

#4: US Highway 83 – The Road to Ruination

Also known as the Texas Vietnam Veterans Memorial Highway, US Highway 83 is infamous for having the second highest fatal crash rate among all other highways in the United States. With an average of 26 fatal crashes each year, US 83 sees about one automobile-related death every two weeks, and the stretch of road, running from the Oklahoma state line down south where it hugs the border with Mexico, is no exception. The sheer length of the highway in Texas—a staggering 900 miles of blacktop—it’s no wonder so many crashes take place on this dangerous road.

#3: Interstate 20 – A Truly Pernicious Pathway

Interstate 20 stretches east to west straight through the heart of Texas. Running into the traffic nightmare that is the Dallas-Forth-Worth region, I-20 connects with virtually every other highway in the state clustered mishmash of blacktop concrete and a labyrinthine nexus of off and on ramps. With such a confusing juncture of roads and highways, it’s no wonder that Interstate 20 sees so many collisions each year. Indeed, from the years 2010 until 2016 nearly 500 automobile crashes were reported to have taken place on I-20. And of these crashes, a staggering 594 roadway fatalities occurred. Interstate 20 is so notoriously dangerous that it commonly ranks as one of the most dangerous highways in the United States.

#2: Interstate 10 — The Causeway of Catastrophe

Interstate 10 enters the Lone Star State at a small town called Anthony, Texas and runs due east to the city of Orange near the border with Louisiana. I-10 is such a dangerous highway that, like our previous entry on this list, it consistently ranks nationally as one of the most dangerous roads to travel upon in the United States. The reason for this is due to the fact that Interstate 10 runs through three of Texas’ largest and most congested cities: El Paso, San Antonio, and the massive megalopolis that is Houston. In fact, there were a total of 676 automobile-related deaths from 585 crashes between the years 2010 and 2016. I-10 is definitely one of the most dangerous roads in all of Texas.

#1: Interstate 45 — An Inebriated Route to Devastation

Interstate 45 has such a bad reputation for drunk drivers that Texas State Police officers who patrol the highway jokingly refer to it as “Drunk Alley.” I-45 begins at the Gulf of Mexico in Galveston and runs north through the busy Houston area until it terminates in an even busier network of roads and highways in Dallas. Spanning a mere 285 miles end to end, per mile Interstate 45 is easily the most dangerous road in Texas. One of the major reasons Texas highways such as I-45 are so deadly is due to how poorly lit they are. With a weak state government and an even weaker tax rate, the Texas Department of Transportation must not have much money for proper streetlights, so it’s likely their roads will continue to be dangerous in the foreseeable future.

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