The Most Dangerous Roads in New Hampshire

New England is a notorious region for birthing some of the nation’s first historical landmarks. Of the thirteen original colonies, New Hampshire, too, is known for so many of our country’s firsts – the first free public library, the first legal lottery, and the first to declare independence from Mother England, to name a few. Despite its historical narrative, though, there are dozens of dangerous roads in New Hampshire travelers should be aware of.

The following article outlines some of the most dangerous roads in New Hampshire according to data collected by various traffic resources. Traveling is one of the greatest adventures known to man but enjoying the route can be difficult when a series of roadblocks are in the way. Enjoy this piece from the Montana car accident lawyers with The Advocates.

The Advocates List of Dangerous Roads in New Hampshirenew hampshire dangerous roads

It’s true that the quality of New Hampshire roadways has been slowly declining for quite some time now. Oil prices have gradually pushed the cost of paving upwards and the Granite State just doesn’t have the funding for proper road repair, according to StateImpact NH.

Today, almost 50% of state-maintained roads and highways here are deemed “in poor condition” by the New Hampshire Department of Transportation (NHDOT). When reading the following list of dangerous roads, it’s important to remember that even the safest drivers can get into an accident due to poorly road conditions.

5. N.H. 285 (Beech Street) and Cilley Road – Manchester

Crowning at number 5 on our list of dangerous roads in New Hampshire is the intersection where N.H. 285 (Beech Street) meets Cilley Road in Manchester. This area may be linked to plenty of fun activities, like exploring the Currier Museum of Art, taking a leisurely stroll at Massabesic Lake or skiing the trails at McIntyre Ski Resort, but it’s certainly an unsafe intersection to drive through.

Risk Factors:

  • Poorly mapped out intersection
  • Poor road conditions
  • Close to highway on-ramps
  • Speeding area

Unfortunately, this crossing point has seen over 20 crashes and 23 injuries over a four-year period. If you’re traveling in the Manchester area, drive safely and remember the speed limit.

4. Main street and East/West Hollis Street – Nashua

Less than an hour away from Boston and home to the frequented Mine Falls Park, the city of Nashua has one of the most dangerous roads in New Hampshire. This 4-way intersection between Main Street and East/West Hollis Street has proven nothing but perilous for locals and out-of-town drivers.

With 25 crashes and 14 injuries between 2004 and 2008, those traveling this route should tread lightly. Watch out for potholes and drivers who run through red lights.

3. SR-101: “Highway of Death”

Ranked as the third most dangerous road in New Hampshire, State Route 101 is a southern highway that traverses from the city of Keene out to the village district of Hampton Beach. While this is one of the most traveled east to west routes in the state, SR 101 eventually splits off to the south and becomes a limited-access highway.

Risk Factors:

  • Heavy congestion near Manchester
  • Slippery roadways during wintertime
  • Speeding year-round
  • Frequent interchanges
  • Limited-access roadway in some parts

Locally known for its unusually high number of accidents, this highway, at one point, was dubbed the “Highway of Death,” as it was prominently advertised on large signs along the freeway. While the highway is no longer as much of a threat, the frequent interchanges and congestion have led to many tragic incidents.

2. New Hampshire Route 16

Known as the longest state highway in New Hampshire, Route 16 is a 154.77-mile stretch from north to south connecting the Seacoast region to the Lakes Region and the White Mountains. Number two on our list, much of this highway route is parallel to the border of Maine and travels through year-round vacation destinations, such as the popular Lake Winnipesaukee, named a local jewel of the northwest.

This highway has seen 8 deaths in just a two-year period and is a dangerous route for those traveling during the winter months, as the holiday travel here can be difficult to navigate. Only 20 miles from the Canadian border, NH 16 is particularly difficult to traverse north of Carroll County. Expect plenty of delays and road closures from December to February.

1. Interstate 93: The Deadliest Highway in NH

Being the deadliest highway that treks across most of the state, Interstate 93 has earned its place at number one on our list of most dangerous roads in New Hampshire. According to the National Highway Traffic Administration, the number of traffic casualties plateaued in just the three months of summer between 2015 and 2017. Below are the biggest risk factors to consider when traveling on I-93 during the summer and winter as well.

Risk Factors:

  • Main interstate route in New Hampshire
  • Frequented by many tractor trailers
  • Constant construction/expansion
  • Traffic congestion near Concord and Manchester

Where the state capital meets the largest city in New Hampshire, this area sees a particularly high number of traffic incidents due to the high number of travelers and limited road space. In addition to New Hampshire drivers, I-93 pulls in heavy amounts of traffic from the Boston area as well.

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