Pita Restaurant Reopens After Freak Car Accident

A local pita restaurant reopened finally after a pick-up truck crashed into the storefront months ago. The car crash nearly obliterated the entire restaurant and left its owners no choice but to shutter the business until repairs could be made.

The initial accident occurred back in the middle of September when a Chevy Silverado, behind pursued by several police cars, lost control and crashed through the front of the Pita Pit. The restaurant was located on 10th Avenue South in Great Falls.

“It was a disaster,” said Jim Talley, Pita Pit’s owner, “but there is good things to come out of it. Now, it’s a brand new store. Everything in here is new. The ceilings all had to be re-done, the walls, the floors, along with all the equipment, tables and chairs and stuff. So, that’s the positive side, we have a nice new store for people to enjoy.”

The man responsible for the crash, Allen David Roberts, was being chased by police after committing multiple thefts all throughout Montana. Even the white pickup truck was reported stolen from nearby Moccasin. A police officer attempted to pull Roberts over shortly before the accident, but the Chevy Silverado quickly sped away, reaching 85 mph at one point. Roberts eventually hit a Toyota Tacoma not far from 23rd street, lost control, and drove directly into entrance of the Pita Pit.

Roberts and his passenger then attempted to flee the scene. Roberts escaped but his passenger was quickly apprehended by police. Roberts was captured days later. Roberts was eventually charged with multiple felonies for criminal endangerment and theft, and a host of misdemeanors. His bond was set at $75,000.

The Pita Pit is back to its normal hours and most of the original staff has returned to work.

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