Top 6 Ways to Stay Safe On the Road This Thanksgiving

Author: Anthony Johnson Date: November 20, 2018

black fridayEach year, Thanksgiving kicks off the busiest stretch of traffic on US roads and highways nationwide. From Thanksgiving until New Years, holiday travelers can expect their usual routes around town to be jam-packed with shoppers and holiday revelers.

Thanksgiving is also an especially dangerous time to travel. With more cars on the road it logically follows that the rate of car accidents will increase as well. Not to mention the number of drivers on the road who probably drank one too many glasses of the holiday spiced cider before getting behind the wheel.

By following a few tips, however, you can make your travels this Thanksgiving not only safer and more enjoyable, but virtually stress-free.

Ignore Holiday Conversationsbackseat driver

No matter how tempting it may be to engage in deep conversations with the relatives and friends visiting for the holiday, you should avoid being distracted while you’re driving. One of the most reported reasons for distracted driving is other passengers. So, do everyone a favor by ignoring your out-of-town Uncle’s political opinions and just keep your eyes and attention where they belong: on the road.

Expect the Best, Prepare for the Worst

Don’t be surprised to find your regular routes around town congested and at a standstill this Thanksgiving and Black Friday. Before heading out, you should use a traffic app to navigate your way about town. You should also do a quick maintenance check on your vehicle so you don’t find yourself stuck out in the winter weather. Check your oil, lights, and tire pressure, and while you’re at it, maybe check your antifreeze and brake fluid levels. You never know when something could go wrong until it suddenly goes wrong.

Thanksgiving Eve Spirits

thanksgiving eve

Since few people have to work on Thanksgiving, the night before has become a great excuse to hit the bars for a round or two with friends and relatives visiting from out of town. Indeed, night before the holiday in now known colloquially as Thanksgiving Eve. If you are forced to rush out to the grocery store to do some last-minute shopping, be wary of drunk drivers on the road. And if you, yourself, are out celebrating Thanksgiving Eve, remember to never drink and drive. Just call a Rideshare. You’ll thank yourself in the morning.

Texting and Driving Do Not Mix

One of the easiest ways to avoid being in an accident year-round is to not use your cellphone while driving. With so many people switching to smartphones it’s no surprise that distracted driving incidents are on the rise in Montana. Thankfully, most phones come with driving safety measures that go a long way in keeping drivers from texting while flying down the road. If you find it difficult to stop texting when you’re behind the wheel, you should consider activating the safety protocols on your phone.

The Black Friday Apocalypse

Without a doubt, Black Friday is the busiest shopping day of the year. Millions of people all over the United States crowd shopping malls in search of bargain bin discounts they won’t find any other time of the year. With so many people crowded together in search of the same deals, nerves are certain to be frayed, especially while driving in bumper-to-bumper traffic. Try to keep calm if you’re out shopping on Black Friday. No shopping deal is worth suffering a serious injury over.

thanksgiving sleep

The Tryptophan Tango

Let’s face it. Thanksgiving dinner has a habit of putting even the most active people into a coma. Not only is turkey meat loaded with tryptophan, a chemical famous for causing drowsiness, people tend to overeat on Thanksgiving. Car accidents involving people who fell asleep at the wheel spike on Thanksgiving, so keep a lookout for snoozing drivers when you’re on the road this holiday.

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