Kangaroo Causes Accident in Dobson

A runaway kangaroo caused a rollover accident that sent two women to the hospital early Wednesday morning. Both women were rushed to a medical center in Fort Belknap after the single-vehicle accident occurred.

The investigating Montana Highway Patrol Trooper and hospital staff couldn’t believe the victims when they blamed a kangaroo in the road for why they turned their vehicle over.

“The driver told me she had swerved to miss a kangaroo,” said MHP Trooper Matt Finley. “I laughed, and the nurses laughed, and I didn’t really believe her.”

When Trooper Finley returned to the site of the accident, however, he caught site of a kangaroo about 40 yards away in a nearby ditch. After questioning nearby residents, Finley learned Dobson houses a kangaroo farm and that kangaroos are adept at escaping from captivity.

The kangaroo in question is reported to have been uninjured.

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