Kalispell Hit-and-Run Victim Identified

Kalispell Police identified last week’s West Side hit-and-run victim as William “Bumps” Winter, 89, of Kalispell. Police had previously sought information about the driver responsible for killing Winter, but the person driving the burgundy van has since come forward. Police have yet to file any charges in the matter.

The hit-and-run occurred early Thursday evening shortly after 8 p.m. as Winters was attempting to cross the intersection of First Street West and First Avenue West. He was struck by a van which quickly left the scene but eventually contacted investigators with the Kalispell Police about the incident. Williams was initially taken to Kalispell Regional Medical Center to treat his injuries, but eventually succumbed to them.

Kalispell Police Captain Overman confirmed to local news that the van driver was thoroughly questioned and released. Police are still investigating the incident and have drawn blood from the van driver. At this time, no charges have been filed.

“Any part of an investigation is eyewitnesses,” said Captain Overman. “If someone was downtown and saw that crash we would be very interested in talking to them and hearing what the saw and what input they can give our investigation.”

If anyone has any information regarding the Kalispell hit-and-run incident they should call (406) 758-7795 as soon as possible.

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