Head-on Accident Shuts Down Highway 200

A head-on accident involving three separate vehicles closed Highway 200 near Bonner, Montana in the middle of the afternoon on Wednesday. The accident was so severe on-scene fire fighters were forced to remove an entire side of one vehicle to extricate an accident victim who had become pinned beneath the dashboard.

The accident occurred just before 3 p.m. Wednesday afternoon when a Nissan SUV hit a Chevy Silverado, trapping the driver beneath the dashboard. A second Chevy Silverado was also involved in the crash. One of the victims said the accident began after he attempted to enter the Marco Flats Fishing Access Site.

“A gentleman behind us coming full speed had his dog jump in his lap and he couldn’t see and he veered and hit us instead of getting around us,” said Jim Stricklend. “So we were hit at about 65, 70 miles per hour, knocked us into the westbound lane, and then a car traveling from the westbound lane ran into us again.”

A total of 9 people were traveling between the three vehicles. Two victims were treated for minor injuries, while the other 7 passengers refused treatment. Multiple emergency response agencies responded to the accident.

“We were able to take care of everything here with two ambulances and three fire trucks that came to the scene as well as law enforcement,” said Missoula Rural Fire Battalion Chief Blaine Cowan.

Tow trucks arrived within an hour of the accident and with the help of local police, they were able to clear a lane of Highway 200 in order to ease the backed up traffic. Highway 200 was eventually cleared later that afternoon.

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