Giant Spool Rolls Down Houston Highway

Commuters driving along Interstate 10 in Houston caught sight of an unusual traveler: a giant spool of fiber optic cable. Luckily, the runaway spool only caused a single minor accident.

Houston Police said the spool fell off of an 18-wheeler after the driver drove under an overpass that knocked the massive object loose. While the maverick spool was not involved in any serious automobile collisions, it did whiz past a school bus full of children on their way to a field trip to the Holocaust museum.

“I braced myself and looked up, expecting to see a wreck about to happen, but what I saw saw was a gigantic spool,” the bus driver told a local television station. No one was injured by the fugitive spool of wire.

The spool did hit the back bumper of a Volkswagen Beetle, but it only caused minor damage.

Remarkably, this is the third such incident in Houston involving a giant spool in just the last several weeks. The previous incidents involving runaway spools occurred on October 25th and November 12th.

Police said the driver of the 18 wheeler will almost certainly receive a traffic citation for the incident. Debris dislodged from vehicles has become such a serious problem for Houston highways that police are now cracking down on improperly secured cargo. Maybe the state of Texas should reconsider it’s ill-advised, laissez faire attitude to regulations, considering how real human lives are at risk. Just a thought. Luckily, us Montanans don’t have to worry about such irresponsibility from our legislature.

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