Head-On Crash Leaves One Dead, Two Seriously Injured

Two accident victims were left seriously injured and one was pronounced dead at the scene of a chilling head-on collision. The head-on crash occurred early Sunday morning in the Heights neighborhood of downtown Billings, Montana.

While the accident is still under investigation, Billings Police Sgt. Ben Milam said that speed and alcohol may have played a crucial role in the head-on crash.

When Billings Police Officers reported to the scene, they found a 16-year-old boy left unconscious and in critical condition. He was driving by himself when him and the other vehicle collided.

Two 20-year-old women driving the second vehicle in the head-on crash also suffered serious injuries.

Police reported that the driver of the second car had already passed away by the time an emergency response crew arrived at the scene. Her passenger suffered serious abrasions and was immediately taken to a nearby hospital.

The victims’ names have not yet been released to the public. Their current conditions have also not yet been released.

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