ATV Crash Kills Boy Near Boulder

A 9-year-old child died in a crash involving an ATV Sunday afternoon. Montana Highway Patrol believe the boy lost control of the vehicle, overcompensated, and then tipped it onto its side. He died at the scene of the crash.


Montana Highway Patrol said the crash occurred along a rural road just north of Boulder. Sergeant Dave Oliverson said the boy was not using a seatbelt or wearing a helmet, and this was likely what caused his fatal injuries. Oliverson also said such vehicles should only be operated by those with legal licenses, which obviously the boy did not have due to age limits.


The boy was later identified as third grader Trystan James Stratton of Boulder Elementary School. Principal Maria Pace said a support team would be made available to Boulder Elementary students throughout the week to coup with the crash.


“We are providing support to all students and staff to help them cope with this tragedy,” Pace wrote in an email to parents. “We have counseling staff available all week to talk with any children who might need extra support.”

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